Website Changes

Due to an increasing amount of regulations regarding information shared on the internet, especially for EU citizens, I decided to simplify my online presence. As a result there is a number of changes to my website. This is due to unsustainable increase of resources required to meet the standards set for any content creator and business owner with online presence.

An Automated Online Shop

It is no longer possible to purchase my artwork directly from my website via an automated system. I was using WooCommerce which not only requires powerful hosting to run well but demands constant maintenance. Thanks to the GDPR, legal side of things became unbearable. If you are interested in purchasing my work, while you can’t buy it as easily as before, simply contact me and we’ll discuss the best solution for delivering my work to you.

Portfolio Experience

Some changes have been applied to my portfolio. Since it no longer functions as an online store, it has been redesigned to solely showcase my paintings process. In the portfolio you can now find painting series which reflect the way I approach my work. Featured is a single major work that is a result of series of studies and evolving ideas. A selection of studies is included to demonstrate the ideas from inception to completion. All work showcased on the website, including studies, can be purchased. At the end of each post you can find a contact form through which you can send your inquiry.

Lessons and Articles

I am sad to announce that I no longer run an extensive blog of articles on art theory and practice. I’m currently hard at work on a new book project that should hopefully provide all the information from the blog in a more focused and concentrated way – ultimately making it less demanding to absorb and understand. Therefore the work that has gone in the blog is not lost. Quite the opposite, it provided the foundation necessary for the things to come. I’ll share more about the project at a later date.