ETSY Store Coming Back

I am happy to announce that I’ll be reopening my Etsy store soon. After the changes to my website and the end of my online shop I recognized that a way to allow my paintings and/or prints to be available online is necessary.

Etsy is a safe platform that is easy to use. I’d used it to sell my paintings in the past. And now it will be reopen again. My direct link will take you straight into my Etsy store and even if you never used Etsy it should be very easy to navigate the website and finalize your purchase.

Note that Etsy only acts as a “middleman”, simply mediating the sale. It is still me who paints/prints, packs and ships the painting or print to you. In that regard nothing has changed. The only thing Etsy does is provide the digital space for displaying my work and a payment gateway, allowing you to purchase it.

Selection of available works in the store will be limited but don’t hesitate to contact me if a painting you like is not listed. If it’s not sold I will be happy to make it available in my Etsy store for you.