Hi, my name is Daniel.

I am an award-winning visual artist living and working in Slovakia. I exhibit internationally and a handful of galleries showcase my work around the globe. I am completely self-taught and proud of it. I live by the words of Edgar Whitney: “No door is closed to a stubborn scholar.” It is my belief that relentless study should be at the heart of every artist’s practice. One cannot be taught by others – only through practice and experience one reshapes their own perception and understanding of the world, their art and ultimately, themselves. In my own work I focus on development of beauty through sound structure. Without structure things disintegrate and ultimately fail. Nature is an example of structural masterpiece. It is an integral part of my life for both physical and metaphysical reasons. In my preteen years, my fascination with the natural world and animal kingdom kindled my love for drawing, eventually laying down the basis for my future artistic endeavors.


  • 2017/4: Fabriano, Italy
  • 2016/9: Budapest, Hungary
  • 2016/4: Nitra, Slovakia
  • 2016/2: Nove Zamky, Slovakia
  • 2015/11: Tirana, Albania
  • 2015/3: San Francisco, USA
  • 2014/11: Podhajska, Slovakia
  • 2014/4: Nitra, Slovakia
  • 2014/2: Nove Zamky, Slovakia
  • 2013/9: Trencin, Slovakia
  • 2013/7: Nove Zamky, Slovakia
  • 2013/4: Nitra, Slovakia
  • 2013/2: Nove Zamky, Slovakia
  • 2013/1: Nove Zamky, Slovakia
  • 2009/11: Nove Zamky, Slovakia